#ScienceOfRacism on Twitter

@dan1389yu We are almost there. What you are doing now is validating your internal narrative that accounts for the disparity. That is what we naturally do. #ScienceOfRacism is only about examining those thoughts. Do you truly believe Black folks spend 4 years pursuing those low-pay degrees?

Now that you know some of the science of racism, are you ready to fight against those natural inclinations, moderate your internal narratives, and protect your beliefs from group thought? #ScienceOfRacism /7.

Optimal Distinctiveness is our desire to be more the same with our own group while also increasing our group’s differences from other groups. #ScienceOfRacism /6

The Similarity-Attraction Paradigm shows that we naturally form groups with those most similar to ourselves. Group narratives can then affect our behavior and allow for the tolerance of unjust actions. #ScienceOfRacism /5

Our biased self-constructed beliefs about our own social identities and the relative value of the social identities of others creates our internal narrative that then affects our behavior. #ScienceOfRacism /4

Social Identity Theory is our tendency to create an “us” versus “them” world where we identify ourselves and others based on self-constructed social categories. #ScienceOfRacism /3

Is this podcast for you? If you can concede that being White has some advantages and being Black or Brown has some disadvantages, then this podcast is for you. #ScienceOfRacism /2

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