Dr. Mike Horton

Fighting Racism from the Inside

Racism is rooted in our human nature.

Dr. Mike Horton is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, combat veteran, and former infantry officer and pilot in Central America.  He received his Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics from Saint Joseph’s University and his Doctorate in Organizational Behavior (DBA) from Drexel University.  Dr. Mike’s research focus and expertise are in optimizing creativity and productivity in diverse teams comprised of individuals who differ in ethnicity and gender.

Dr. Mike is the author of the Science of Racism approach to addressing systemic injustices in organizations.  This research-based methodology takes the perspective that we cannot correct unjust behavior through policy changes alone. Actual change only occurs after we challenge and amend our often unintentionally biased internal narratives about race and gender.  Dr. Mike’s approach also recognizes that these closely-held, unjust beliefs are tenacious because they are rooted in our human nature. 

It is in our nature not to want to admit to bias.  It is in our nature to create an “us” versus “them” world.  It is in our nature to believe those like ourselves are better and more deserving than those who are not like ourselves.  In the end, racism is not a Black or White problem.  It is a human nature problem.  Truly fixing the problem begins with understanding our human nature.

Dr. Mike’s civilian professional career has been as a vice-president in Fortune 500 companies, senior government employee, researcher, and professor.  He currently leads a human capital data analytics team at the Federal Aviation Administration, teaches at George Mason University, and hosts the Science of Racism podcast.  Dr. Mike also guest lectures and trains organizations on how to identify and address systemic injustices inherent in their policies, procedures, and operations.

Interested in having Dr. Mike speak to your organization? Reach out to him at mike@DrMikeHorton.com

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@Bre23Ellis In America, almost every financial professional is licensed and any transgressions are documented and publically available to protect consumers. We do that to protect investors not because we hate financial consultants. All police should be held to at least that standard.

@Bre23Ellis I always start with data. It only takes one leader to give access to expose statistical reality. Then come the excuses (internal narratives) to explain that reality, and the fight to hide individual officer data. That data collection must be mandated not negotiated with unions.

@Bre23Ellis For me, step one is getting police department and union leadership to seriously analyze their data and simply admit that their group narratives are allowing and even promoting unjust officer behavior. We can never change what we do not acknowledge.

To truly fight racism, we need to confront our unjust internal narratives within ourselves and within our institutions. Think about the narratives within a police department that resulted in this Black man being shot 8 times in the back...

@dan1389yu No answers. Only questions and data when I have it. Your internal narrative is all you and your choice. My only job is to help those who are interested to see where those thoughts may create unjust actions and policies. I'm good either way. Nothing but love for you.

@dan1389yu We are almost there. What you are doing now is validating your internal narrative that accounts for the disparity. That is what we naturally do. #ScienceOfRacism is only about examining those thoughts. Do you truly believe Black folks spend 4 years pursuing those low-pay degrees?

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