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He's all about the data and the science.

Dr. Mike is a combat veteran who graduated from West Point in 1985 and served as an Infantry and Aviation officer in Central America.  He then went on to receive his masters degree in business analytics from Saint Joseph’s University and his doctorate in organizational behavior (DBA) from Drexel University.  He currently leads an HR analytics team for the federal government and teaches at George Mason University.

As a Black man, Mike knows first hand how unjust internal narratives impact his life on a daily basis.  Sometimes those interactions are intentional, and other times they are the unintentional consequences of engrained thoughts and policies that have perpetuated injustices.

Even as a moderately successful and educated person, Mike has been forced face-down on the street surrounded by police with weapons drawn because they thought he was someone else.  Soldiers have refused to salute him because they did not want to acknowledge a Black officer.  Restaurants have refused to serve him, and others have refused to be served by him.  He has even been stopped and accused of stealing his own Italian sportscar.

These are just a few of the many life experiences that are shared with every other Black and Brown person in America.  No amount of money, success, education, or power exempts them from the internal narratives that are ingrained in our institutions, justice, healthcare, and educational systems.

Yes, these experiences are overtly racist acts.  But they are not the focus of this podcast series.  Instead, this series emanates from years of research into human behavior, the collection and analyses of data, and the many conversations Mike has and continues to have with coworkers, friends, and students who honestly want to challenge those thoughts that serve as the foundation for what is often unintentional unjust behavior.

As with all great learning situations, this process needs to be a two-way conversation.  So please engage in discussion after each episode.  Share your insights, ask questions, and challenge what is said.  Only through that discourse will we together reach a better understanding and hopefully build a better and more just America for everyone.


Horton, M. (2020). Do you really want my input? Exploring the relationship between gender-ethnicity dissimilarity in teams and individual withholding of creativity. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (2425562072). 

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Check your unjust internal narratives... 243 years of slavery -"GET OVER IT". 64 years of FHA racist home mortgage policies -"GET OVER IT". Blacks (32 per mil) killed by police at almost 3x the rate of Whites (12 per mil) - "GET OVER IT". 9/11 terrorist attacks - "NEVER FORGET"

@Bre23Ellis In America, almost every financial professional is licensed and any transgressions are documented and publically available to protect consumers. We do that to protect investors not because we hate financial consultants. All police should be held to at least that standard.

@Bre23Ellis I always start with data. It only takes one leader to give access to expose statistical reality. Then come the excuses (internal narratives) to explain that reality, and the fight to hide individual officer data. That data collection must be mandated not negotiated with unions.

@Bre23Ellis For me, step one is getting police department and union leadership to seriously analyze their data and simply admit that their group narratives are allowing and even promoting unjust officer behavior. We can never change what we do not acknowledge.

To truly fight racism, we need to confront our unjust internal narratives within ourselves and within our institutions. Think about the narratives within a police department that resulted in this Black man being shot 8 times in the back...

@dan1389yu No answers. Only questions and data when I have it. Your internal narrative is all you and your choice. My only job is to help those who are interested to see where those thoughts may create unjust actions and policies. I'm good either way. Nothing but love for you.

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