• Science of Racism and Privilege

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    Episode 1: The Science

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    Understanding the three socio-psychological tendencies for humans to behave unjustly by naturally creating an "us" versus "them" world.

Tools for Your Personal Fight Against Racism

The challenge we face when combating racism in America is that most people honestly do not perceive their unjust internal narratives about ethnicity.  Instead, many naturally prefer to declare that they are colorblind when it comes to race and avoid any introspection that their often unintentional actions and beliefs may perpetuate injustices against Black and Brown people.

However, science shows us that the tendency to develop and nurture unjust internal narratives is rooted in human nature.  Those narratives are then reinforced throughout our lives in our education, in political rhetoric, and through the policies and practices of our institutions.

The key to making needed change is to first evaluate yourself.  Celebrate those personal narratives that promote just behavior, and challenge those narratives that lead to unjust outcomes, particularly when those actions are against Black and Brown people in America.

Not everyone is or will ever be ready for this level of introspection and the hard work of fighting against human nature.  If you are not ready, the science will not matter to you.  Please leave this space to possibly venture back when the time is right.  If you are ready, please take in the science, statistics, and institutional policies presented here one step at a time.  Remember that true change is a process, not a destination.

-Dr Mike

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