• FIghting Racism from the Inside

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    Episode 1: The Science

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    Understanding the three socio-psychological tendencies for humans to behave unjustly by naturally creating an "us" versus "them" world.

Fighting Racism from the Inside

No mindful person wants to be told that they are racist.  Racism is such a harsh and dirty word that conjures up visions of slave owners, hooded figures, and burning crosses.  It implies that we intentionally and habitually act in unjust ways throughout our day.  Everyday.  In every situation where we encounter those who are not like ourselves.  However, the truth is that racism is seldom that blatant and consistent.

Instead, racism is insidious.  It quietly and persistently creeps into our beliefs about how the world works and who is deserving of success.  Racism is a masquerader.  It hides within our legitimate personal preferences, values, and traditions.  Racism is a deceiver.  It manifests seemingly non-racist explanations for unjust behavior that keeps us from speaking up or taking steps to recognize and stop oppression.  Most importantly, racism is tenacious.  It resists all efforts to be vanquished from society because the very seeds of racism are sown into the rich soil of our human nature.

Regardless of your race and gender, it is human nature not to want to admit that you are biased in any way.  So, then, how do we confront and fix the racism problem since we cannot correct something that we refuse to acknowledge exists?  The answer is in understanding the science of our human nature.

Our unjust actions are simply symptoms of the underlying disease of racism.  The disease itself is embodied in our biased internal narratives about the way we believe the world works.  Human nature, therefore, is racism’s DNA.  As you will come to understand in this podcast, the key to correcting our biased internal narratives is by recognizing how our flawed human nature perpetuates their existence.  In the end, racism is not a White problem or a Black problem, it is a human nature problem.

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